Birthday Party Magic Show

The most popular show, this performance thrills kids and adults alike, making it a birthday they'll never forget!  The music-filled show ranges from classics like the magic coloring book to parlor-sized illusions like the sword-through-neck routine.  And every show includes objects that float before your very eyes!  Plus, everyone will learn how to perform a magic trick to show friends and family.  If you're looking for a magician for a birthday in Austin, give the best party EVER with Dunraven Magic!


Wizarding School Magic Show

If your child watches the doorstep for an owl to bring a welcome letter from a school of witchcraft and wizardry, this is the magic show for you!  The wizard (and professor of magic) will arrive with a very special birthday package left by an owl for your child.  Brandishing a new wand, your child and guests will be taken through various courses of magical study, including divination, defense against the dark arts, and of course levitation!  


Magic for Any Gathering

No matter what you're celebrating, magic is a fun addition to any party.  From card tricks to mind reading to Halloween seance magic, we will customize a performance to your needs.  With Dunraven Magic, your guests will enjoy a night to remember!



Most daytime residential magic shows typically last around 45 minutes and cost $225.  

The daytime Wizarding School magic show is $250.  If you would like all of the children to receive wands, please add $3 per child.  

Pricing for evening parties starts  at $275 and varies based on the number of guests and and party needs.  E-mail or call anytime for a quote.

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